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Retro Zodiac Candle - Leo: clementine + clove + lemon peel

Retro Zodiac Candle - Leo: clementine + clove + lemon peel

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A note from the creator:

Our Best Selling Zodiac Collection in its Trendy Groovy Packaging! Each label individually designed and crafted by me- it was so so fun and heart fulfilling to let my creativity roll into this collection and I truly hope you love this as much as I loved making it for you. 

*scents and crystals and wooden wick are the same as classic Zodiac Candles*

Tag me @MyMantraAndCo once these get to their forever home- I would LOVE to see them! 

Love you guys,

TOP: tiger's eye, citrine, carnelian, horsetail herb

SCENT: fresh clementine, clove, lemon peel

PERSONALITY TRAITS: energetic, creative, bold, captivating


The fifth sign of the zodiac for those born on July 23 to August 22. Symbolized by Lion’s mane and two halves of the heart. Passion, romance, expression, and drama are the main Leo traits. Thus, the Leo symbol of the Lion expresses the bold and playful qualities of this zodiac sign. As a courageous fire sign and a stabilizing fixed sign, Leo is the showman of the Zodiac.

This sign of the zodiac is charming, warm-natured, welcoming, funny, and protective. Leos love to lead, perform, talk, be admired, as well as receive the praise and respect of others. They always assume a boss-like stance in any relationship or group dynamic.

INTERESTS: glamour, showbiz, mingling, and socializing

BEST FRIENDS: Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, and Aquarius

CAREER CHOICES: motivational speaker, teacher, actor, travel writer, politician and event manager

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