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Angel Number Candle - 888: champagne + crystal peonies + almond creme

Angel Number Candle - 888: champagne + crystal peonies + almond creme

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🔮 🌿 CRYSTALS AND HERBS: peridot, kuznite, snowflake obsidian and horsetail herb

💕 SCENT: sparkling champagne, crystal peonies and almond Crème 🌸

🌟👼 INTENTION: Ignite the transformative power of our Prosperity Blessings Crystal Candle, inspired by the angelic vibrations of number 888!



Light this candle when you are ready to manifest abundance and invite prosperity into your life, as symbolized by the sacred number 888. Its radiant glow will fill your space with positive energy, aligning you with the infinite possibilities that the universe has in store. Prepare to attract blessings and experience a prosperous shift in your life! 💫🌟💵

🙌 Illuminate it during rituals, affirmations, or when you need a boost of confidence in your ability to create wealth and success. As the flame dances, visualize your goals and aspirations manifesting effortlessly. Feel the support of your angels, guides, and ancestors as they work in harmony to bring abundance into every aspect of your life. Trust that the universe is aligning everything in your favor. 💖🌌🔥

💫💎✨ Create a sacred space dedicated to abundance and prosperity. Light the candle to infuse your surroundings with the vibrations of angel number 888. Let its warm light and inviting aroma uplift your spirit and ignite your manifestation power. Open yourself to receive the blessings and opportunities that come your way, knowing that you are supported on your journey to success. 🌺🔥💵

The significance of angel number 888 lies in its message of prosperity and material abundance. Our Prosperity Blessings Crystal Candle embodies this essence, combining the power of fragrance and crystals to enhance your manifestation practice. Immerse yourself in its divine energy and let it amplify your intentions, magnetizing prosperity into your life. 💫 

🔥🕯️💰 Handcrafted with intention and love, our Prosperity Blessings Crystal Candle is a symbol of your unlimited potential to create wealth and abundance. Its captivating aroma and carefully chosen crystals create a harmonious atmosphere, aligning your energy with the frequency of prosperity. Allow the candle's flame to be a beacon of financial freedom and a reminder of the abundant universe that supports you.

Embrace the prosperity that awaits you with the Prosperity Blessings Crystal Candle. Let its radiant flame be a symbol of your unlimited potential and the abundant blessings that surround you. Trust in the magic of angel number 888 and unlock the gateway to wealth and success. Experience the transformation that unfolds when you align your energy with the prosperity of the universe. 💎💵🕯️✨💫

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