Angel Number Candle - 333: lemon garden + sweet tonka bean

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🔮 🌿 CRYSTALS AND HERBS: moonstone, snowflake obsidian, peridot, labradorite and horsetail herb

💕 SCENT: iced lemon biscotti 🍋 

🌟👼 INTENTION: Immerse yourself in the power of balance, trust, and alignment with our Harmony and Abundance Crystal Candle, inspired by the profound significance of angel number 333!



Light the candle when you desire to cultivate a deep sense of balance and trust in the divine energies of angel number 333. Let its gentle flame fill your space with warmth, reminding you to trust that everything is working in your favor. Embrace the support from the physical and spiritual realms as you embark on your journey. 🌸✨💖

🌌 Illuminate it during moments of meditation, self-reflection, or when seeking alignment with your higher self. As the flickering flame dances, feel the presence of your angels and guides, guiding you towards the path you need to be on. Embrace their loving support and let it anchor you in trust and alignment. 💫🔮

Create a sacred sanctuary and connect with the harmonious energy of angel number 333. Light the candle when you desire to realign your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Let go of any doubts or fears, knowing that you are fully supported by the universe in manifesting abundance and prosperity. 🌸🌟💖

✨💫 The significance of angel number 333 lies in its message of balance, trust, and divine assistance. Our Harmony and Abundance Crystal Candle amplifies this significance, infusing your surroundings with an enchanting fragrance and the powerful energy of carefully chosen crystals. Immerse yourself in its soothing aura and let it guide you towards abundant blessings.

🌟👼Crafted with intention and love, our Harmony and Abundance Crystal Candle brings together the power of scent and crystals to create a sacred experience. Allow the enticing aroma to envelop your senses while the crystals radiate their positive energy, reinforcing your trust in the universal flow of abundance.

Experience the transformative energy of the Harmony and Abundance Crystal Candle. Let its radiant flame be your source of balance, trust, and alignment. Embrace the magic of angel number 333 and invite abundance to flow effortlessly into your life. Trust the journey and embrace the abundance that unfolds.✨🕯️💖🌈