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Elevate Your Wardrobe: 5 Creative Styling Tips For Basics

If you’re an In Pursuit customer, you know all too well that we’re not huge fans of…basic. 

Very seldom will you find solid, natural colours on our racks.

That’s until now!

Though we love our vast inventory of size-inclusive clothing in fun colours (especially pink!) and bold patterns and textures, we know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Also, we recognize how good basic pieces can lay the perfect foundation for an iconic head-turning outfit!

This summer, we launched a first-ever “Anything but basic” line, a series of wardrobe staples that are timelessly stylish on their own or can be dressed up and layered to make a bold statement. From beautiful, rich jewel tones to classic neutrals, our basics line has something for everyone. 

The challenge many people have with basics is that they can often come across as just that… basic. Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, many of our customers love and rock that look (Jane Birken, anyone?) Some people struggle with how to take an outfit to the next level. 

Fear not! The In Pursuit team has got you covered! Here are some of our top tips for styling and elevating your wardrobe basics. 

Layering your basics for depth and texture

Layering is the secret sauce of fashion. It's a technique that can take a simple basic outfit to a show-stopping new level. 

Start with your favourite basic pieces, such as a white tee or a black tank top. Next, add layers. A lightweight cardigan, a denim jacket, or a tailored blazer can instantly elevate your look. Experiment with different textures and lengths to create depth and visual interest. Don't forget to play with accessories like scarves, statement necklaces, or belts to tie it all together!

For example: We’re seeing a ton of faux leather this season. We’re obsessed with our “Peyton” skirt from Canadian brand Pink Martini and this pairs perfectly with a scallop hem cap sleeve shirt and gorgeous ruched sleeve blazer on top. The blazer is open without a button closure making it easy to layer on and off depending on the temperature. The best part? It has pockets!

Mix and Match Neutrals


Neutral tones are the building blocks of any wardrobe. Think shades like black, white, gray, beige, and navy. The magic happens when you mix and match these understated colours. Create a monochromatic look with different shades of the same colour, or combine contrasting neutrals for a sophisticated ensemble.


For instance, our “Mock Neck Rib Knit Sweater” is available in 3 colors: Black, Ivory and Brown. We adore a solid top paired with a printed or patterned bottom like our plaid pleated skirts or checkered cropped trousers. This sweater is lightweight enough to wear solo in early Fall while we’re sipping a PSL and easily layered with a cropped moto jacket or shacket on cooler days. 



This gorgeous color block button front cardi features shades of ivory and taupe but also tons of visual interest with its mix of textures. What a great option to layer on top of a basic t-shirt or tank and pair with denim and booties! 


Neutrals on Neutrals Cardigan: https://www.inpursuittruck.ca/collections/new-arrivals/products/colorblock-knit-cardigan

The Power of Accessories


Accessories have the power to transform a basic outfit into a show-stopping ensemble. When you're rocking a simple foundation, like a classic white button-up shirt and jeans, use accessories to express your style. Think of statement belts, oversized sunglasses, or eye-catching hats.


Let's say you have a black T-shirt and jeans combination. Elevate this look by adding a wide-brimmed hat, a chunky silver necklace, and ankle boots. Suddenly, your basics become the perfect canvas for your unique fashion personality to shine through. 


Shady Lady Sunglasses: https://www.inpursuittruck.ca/search?type=product&q=shady+lady&submit=Search


Miami Hoops:



Montemartre Paperclip Chain Drop Earrings: https://www.inpursuittruck.ca/products/montmartre-paperclip-chain-drop-stud-earrings-silver?_pos=3&_sid=28cc09897&_ss=r

Play with Patterns


Patterns can breathe life into even the most basic pieces. When using patterns, it's crucial to maintain a balance. If you have a patterned top, opt for solid bottoms, and vice versa. For instance, pair a striped button-down shirt with classic dark denim jeans. The juxtaposition of the structured stripes against the casual jeans creates an effortlessly stylish look.


Don't be afraid to experiment with various patterns, from classic stripes and polka dots to more eclectic choices like florals or animal prints (we have you covered on that!). Just remember, less is often more when it comes to patterns, especially when starting with basic clothing items.


Experiment with Textures


Texture adds depth and intrigue to an outfit. Mixing different textures within your basics can create a visually appealing contrast. Pair a sleek leather jacket with a soft knit sweater and denim jeans. The combination of these textures adds an edgy yet cozy feel to your look.


That being said, don't shy away from experimenting with textured basic pieces themselves. Invest in a chunky knit sweater, a suede skirt, or a pair of leather leggings as alternatives to their plain counterparts. These textured basics can be styled in numerous ways and add a touch of luxury to your everyday wear!


We hope you found these styling tips helpful! Still need help putting together the perfect outfit? Visit us in-store or shoot us a message, and one of our In Pursuit styling experts can help you out and recommend the perfect pieces for you! 

Elevate Your Wardrobe: 5 Creative Styling Tips For Basics
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