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Behind-The-Collection: Modern Cowgirl

The Backstory

Sometimes an idea will strike in the middle of the afternoon and I can't get the image out of my head. It becomes so present and so persistent that nothing can take its place and I can't move on until I react and set a new plan in motion.

Last month, we invited long time In Pursuit clients Kelsey and Alyssa to 20 King Street for a bestie photoshoot and the moment Kelsie put on this dress,

I was instantly transported to days of saloon girls, old westerns, wooden beams inside horse barns and never ending fields full of tall grass and wildflowers, illuminated by Summer sunshine at dusk.


Fast forward, one week later:
"Do you think we should do a photoshoot in a field with horses?" The first question out of my mouth at 10am on a Thursday. "CAN WE?!?" Erin's reply to yet another wild idea.
I reached out to Legend's breeder, Shandi Dryden of Spruce Hollow Bullies and Spruce Hollow Show Horses and she immediately agreed to my idea of showcasing her horses (and to my personal delight - bulldogs) with our newest collection; Modern Cowgirl
Mixing fabrics, textures, colors and design with the contrast of live animals, barn wood, a serene landscape and perfectly blue Summer skies, this collection is a mix of forever favorites (denim, fringe, cowboy boots) and new trends (florals, lace, pouf sleeves and embellishments). 

We invite you to indulge in an inclusive offering that will transport you to a place where your imagination runs as wild as horses do in the untamed West.

- Dominique

Behind-The-Collection: Modern Cowgirl
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