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To You; A Love Letter.

July 28, 2015 · 1 Comments

In Pursuit is owned and operated by 1 person. One solo mobilepreneur taking a risk, disrupting traditional retail, starting an entirely new industry and hitting the road in heels day after day; hoping that shortly after the doors open, people file in one after another looking for pretty dresses instead of tacos and french fries usually found in a retrofitted step van.

So far, it's been a whirlwind.

Something you may have noticed on our social media is that when the truck or truck things are spoken about, we always reference "we" or "us". That's because this adventure is as much about you as it is about me. Without the support, encouragement and dedication of all the people around me, I wouldn't be here.

There would be no mobile boutique.

This little fashion truck that could, based in charming Saint John, New Brunswick, couldn't proudly proclaim that it's still the first and only on Canada's East Coast, opening long before the big city caught on and urban centers like Toronto launched their first.

Without family, friends, customers, fans, followers, likers, bloggers, commenters, models, vendors and supporters we wouldn't be able to do business in Saint John or anywhere, for that matter.

This is our shout out; a love letter of sorts. An explanation of why we do what we do and how we couldn't do it without you. We'd give you all a smooch if we could, but that could get a little out of hand.

What inspires us?


The goals and dreams and desires you share with us. The events you're attending (weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, bachelorettes), being a part of your achievements (graduations, job interviews, engagement photos), pretending we're invited along on your vacations (Turkey, Greece, Osheaga, England, Hong Kong, Paris), the special people in your life you're buying gifts for and vice versa those same special people who want to treat you to something unique from the truck.

We're overjoyed that you let us in and let us become part of those experiences.

Without you, we wouldn't be here. Without your continuous support of a crazy idea and an even crazier pink polka dotted truck roaming the streets of Uptown, we wouldn't be in the midst of planning our 2nd birthday celebrations.

We're committed to seeking out, working with and supporting other bad ass lady (and gentlemanly) entrepreneurs. You'll find designs from locally made ESquared (Erin Caines) and Gully Beads (Heather Crossman) amongst shelves with Billy Would (Vancouver), Jaeci (Nevada), Shop NoPal (Toronto), Print Liberation (Brooklyn), Brittany Fuson (Tennessee) and The Duo Studio (California) who are all incredibly talented artisans from across North America whom we are proud to showcase and support in their endeavors to have thriving small businesses.

Our branding started with Sarah (formerly Saint John/Moncton and now Halifax) who realized my love of everything pink wasn't a passing phase and who's been our go-to for marketing strategy since before Day 1. Our website was created by Gold Prism Creative (formerly Halifax, now West Coast based) Kaylyn is a lady boss in her own right, and from the moment we read her mission statement knew we somehow, someway HAD to work with her and weren't going to take 'no' for an answer. The photos were taken by three ladies we admire greatly; Ali Maxwell (hired in seconds after a Twitter post - her portfolio is not to be missed) Saint John renowned photographer Kelly Lawson (who once referred to me as a ballerina and I've never received a bigger or better compliment in my entire life) and Audrey McBay (formerly Saint John, now Calgary) someone we instantly clicked with over a desire for quitting the 9-5 and being our own bosses even if that meant working 24/7. Our models have become our girl squad. Amy, Mindy and Paula are stunning both on the outside as well the inside, and it's impossible to capture their beauty in a simple photograph.

Our collections are curated carefully by the feedback we receive from our customers. While we can't cater to everyone with such a small space, we hope you'll come on board and leave feeling even just a little bit inspired having experienced something new and different; something that took 2 full years of fighting for before it became a reality.

Maybe we've taught you to use sizes as simply a guideline because your gorgeousness can't be defined by a number or a letter on a tag. Maybe we encouraged you to put your ideas down on paper and get started on that business idea you've been dreaming about. Maybe we allowed you 10 minutes of uninterrupted shopping time while we distracted your kids with Rexy our resident pink dinosaur or let them blow bubbles outside. Maybe we cheered you on when you came out of the fitting room proclaiming you'd just found the "perfect" piece you'd been searching for. Maybe you share our belief that women of all sizes should be able to shop together with their friends in one spot and are encouraged by the fact we always have and always will carry sizes Small - 3XL. Maybe, just maybe, you'll believe us when we tell you that you can do anything.  And that when you look back on it, every 'no' will have only propelled you a step closer to that one 'yes'.

If nothing else, believe us when we tell you that we couldn't do it without you.

-Truck Girl

Our pink chalkboard door is always open. If you have an idea or suggestion we'd love to hear it. Email us:

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1 comment

  • Yolanda on

    Love the new site. You deserve every success. I am in awe you have followed your passion with style and a smile. Love visiting both the site and truck.


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